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  • Casablanca

    European Designer Lighting Brand Casablanca specializes in modern luxury lighting fixtures and contemporary designer luminaries made from hand blown glass and manually refined surfaces like brushed aluminum. The exquisitely crafted luxury lighting design is famous for the quality “Made in Germany” quality. European modern lighting designer Dieter K. Weis designs exclusive luminaries and modern light objects for Casablanca's standard and bespoke lighting products.

  • Cinier LT

    Creation & Technical Excellence 

    CINIER LT lines are characterized by a very hight level of craftsmanship and design. Technical excellence and style are the values of the family owned company since 1975. Each CINIER LT is handmade in the CINIER workshops in France. 

  • Decor-Walther

    Modern designer lighting fixtures for bathroom lighting design interior decorative designer light. Choose from a variety of luxury lights and contemporary designs including cosmetic light mirrors, vanity lighting accessories and contemporary European light products with complete designer lines for luxury bathroom lighting. All products offer a unique and modern design to upscale luxury standards that combine excellent form with high quality light. 

  • ElcomDesign

    Exclusive Italian Designer Landscape Lighting Fixtures by Italian Exterior Lighting Brand. Elcom Design has devoted creative concepts and production energies to the manufacture of high value outdoor lighting fixtures and light design.

    Their focus on details combines with their pursuit for perfection. The outcome is a wonderful range of beautiful and perfect products. This business philosophy is shared by all our collaborators who are constantly engaged in improving their professional skills by attending specific training courses about both the production processes and the features of all materials constituting the finished product. The taste and the style changes the design, but remains the care of the quality and the prestige.

  • Elesi Luce

    Modern - contemporary European lighting design from luxury Italian exclusive light brand Elesi Light. Unique and stylish range of LED lighting fixtures designed and manufactured by Italian designer lighting brand Elesi Light. The Elesi Decorative Italian contemporary lamps minimalist design is embellished with luxury and exclusive glass details that enhance the brilliant forms of contemporary and modern light.

  • Faustig

    Luxury European Designer Lighting Brand Faustig offers a luxurios modern and contemporary collection of exclusive chandelier lighting and contemporary European light design.

  • Gibas SRL

    Contemporary Italian Designer Lighting Gibas SRL presents a unique and exclusive collection of modern lighting fixture design production of stylish lighting both classical and modern.

  • Harco Loor Design

    Shop Modern Luxury Lighting Brand Harco Loor Design  here for the best in Luxury Lighting and innovatice light design.

    Harco Loor Design has been founded in the early 80’s as a result of growing interest and significance of design in the international field of interior lighting. Almost each design is hand crafted and caries the personal signature of the designer. Only high quality materials are used, such as stainless steel, Asfour crystal etc. On request modifications or other measurements are possible.

  • I.Lumino

    A Luxury Italia light collection of contemporary designer lighting fixtures developed from a combination of technological innovation and research into unique exclusive Italian and European materials. Created by the designer Isabella Sodi, all luxury lamps are produced entirely in the Elesi Luce workshop, thus guaranteeing the quality and value of the made in Italy label.

  • IDL - Idee. Design. Licht.

    Modern European lighting brand IDL Idee Design Licht offers an exclusive clooection of contemporary lighting designs and luxury modern light from European innovative lighting designers.


    There comes a time in life when one looks back, evaluates life, and becomes aware of the sum of experience that accumulated over the years.When this moment comes, new thoughts, new notions are born in one’s mind - a sense of clarity and purpose rise from the plethora of experience. This - the essence of empiric learning - is even more cathartic, when experience is shared between two visionaries, each with an individual perspective, yet looking in one direction. Janos Héder and Judit Zoltai are well-known when it comes to designer lamps and installations - for good reason.

  • innermost

    Modern lighting fixtures with contemporary design developed by the most innovative European lighting designers of light. Innermost began in London and has been successfully creating a luxury lighting brand with a wide selection of luxury modern lighting and exclusive contemporary designs from their large lighting catalog.

Showing 1 - 12 of 21 items